The Ultimate Camino Packing List 2017

As a Camino virgin you will find yourself poring over every packing list you can find, trying to perfect your gear list.  Well look no further, we have taken the pain away for you. 

Here is a packing list for both boys and girls which would work well for Spring or Autumn. Just scale it up or down for Winter or Summer.  Layers are your friend.

The list comes complete with:

  • estimated weights
  • helpful comments
  • star ratings for usefulness, and 
  • time-saving links to our favourite Camino-friendly brand such as Icebreaker, Buff, Salomon, Osprey and Lush. 

Being good Kiwis, we are duty bound to wear Icebreaker. This is a very ethical brand and their clothing whilst on the expensive side are excellent quality. Steve has a t-shirt that has lasted 2 years of constant travelling. Made from merino wool, t-shirts can be worn for 2-3 days without starting to stink the place out. It’s also quick drying, making it perfect for washing and wearing the next day. 

The Scrubba bag has been with us since the start of our travels. Purchased when it was just a Kickstarter project, this simple Aussie invention is now sold worldwide. You will be the envy of your fellow travellers when doing the laundry and it's a great dry bag for keeping your really import stuff dry in case of a sudden downpour.

Technology wise we just carried our iPhone's. The camera on the iPhone is one of the best, if not the best on the market. We put together a Camino vlog most days just using the iPhone, we think it came out pretty well. The ability to back our photos up to iCloud when connected to the wifi at the hostels is a great safety net. 

    • Click here to see the whole list and download a pdf version.

    So don't sweat it.  Keep your pack weight around 10% of your body weight and you will be just fine. 

    Buen Camino!

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